TONY ALLAN    RIP   1949 – 2004  

One of the more inspired and inspirational radio personalities sadly passed away around midday on Friday 9 July.

 Tony started his radio career with the offshore Radio Scotland, and when that station closed put his later well known voice to use as a continuity announcer on TV. With the offshore radio revival in the early 70’s, Tony was heavily involved with Radio Caroline and her promotion of peaceful and loving energies.

Asked about Loving Awareness he replied "It’s whatever you want it to be. If we sat down and discussed it between us just on a one to one we’d probably find a lot of things that we thought were different about it but we’d also probably find a lot of things that were the same. So, you know, for each person it’s different. It doesn’t matter what it feels like, or anything. The whole point of it is the ultimate conclusion, the end".

From voicing peace with Caroline, Tony moved to Israel and the Voice of Peace. In a contemporary Offshore Echo’s interview he commented that Everybody has a good vibe for everybody else. It’s only the politicians that fight. People don’t fight. There’s a song by Tim Hardin called “Simple Song of Freedom”. There’s a nice line in that, it’s talking about the politicians, it says: “We should build them shelves, so they can fight amongst themselves”. It’s quite true.”

 Following his offshore days, Tony Allan worked on radio in Scotland and Ireland, and more recently on satellite radio Caroline.

Tony Allan, who had been fighting a long battle against cancer, died at a hospice in North London.  Our love and thoughts go to his family and friends.

Tony on board the  MV Mi Amigo in the 70's

Tony - Easter 2004

Final day on Radio Scotland

On board the Voice of Peace in 1973

Rescued from the Mi Amigo in '79 with Roger Matthews and Tom Hardy

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