To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the UK Marine Offences Act, Offshore Echoís have released a new series of double CDís documenting the offshore radio decades.



The Offshore Radio Decades

Volume 1 The 1960ís




The beginning of Offshore radio from Radio Mercur in 1958, and the Scandinavian stations, through the Dutch Radio Veronica, and on to the British offshore radio revolution that formed the musical background of the Swinginí 60ís. This collection includes some famous recordings, as well as many rare items from the archives. Double CD

The Offshore Radio Decades

Volume 2 The 1970ís




The first half of the 1970ís saw something of an offshore radio revival, and much drama, especially with Radio Northseaís multi coloured radioship, that was jammed, bombed and almost hijacked. The later 70ís was a much darker period Ė Radio Caroline was under government surveillance , was boarded, and had itís deejays being arrested and fined. Double CD set.



The Offshore Radio Decades

Volume 3 The 1980ís




Offshore radio caught the public imagination again in the 1980ís. Radio Caroline had returned with a new ship with a 300 foot antenna mast, and was soon joined by the US programmed Laser 558, that quickly became hugely popular through Europe. While it all lasted offshore radio reigned again. Double CD set.