Euroradio 2011 – France Radio Club / Offshore Echo’s

France Radio Club and Offshore Echo's annual event commemorates the best of
offshore radio, with special guests and video presentations.

Euroradio 2011 takes place in Calais, France on Saturday 24 September,
at the Hotel Mercure* in the centre of Calais.



Mike Davies, better known as COCONUT, joined the Peace Ship as a DJ in 1988.

After spending time on the Voice of Peace,

he joined the Radio Caroline staff on board the Ross Revenge in 1989.

He'll tell us about his experiences on both ship.


Walter Simmons joined Radio Monique in February 1985 and continued with Radio 819

until the end, in August 1989

He'll tell us about his career in Offshore Radio

More Guests to be announced soon

(*)previously Hotel Georges V


The reunion starts at 14.00 local time on Saturday 24 September 2011.





PAST GUESTS have included:
Brian Anderson, Tom Anderson, John Aston, Robin Banks, Norman Barrington, AJ Beirens, Fred Bolland, Wolf Byrne, John Catlett, Peter Chicago, Steve England, Paul Graham, Dennis Jason, Martin Kayne, Tom Lodge, Johnny Lewis, Dave MacKay,Roger Mathews, Dick Palmer, Ronan O’Rahilly, Tommy Rivers, Ad Roberts, John Ross Barnard, Paul Rusling, Keith Skues, Mark Sloane, Carl Thomson, Johnnie Walker, Alan West, Mick Williams, Charlie Wolf, and many more.

The event
Euroradio 2011 starts at 2.00pm local time, with a video presentation, looking at the best of offshore radio. Later in the afternoon, we’ll be talking to our special guests about their offshore radio experiences.  A French translation will be available.
The Offshore Echo's Boutique will be open during the event, featuring a wide range of offshore radio CD’s, DVD’s, Books and related merchandise.

Euroradio dinner
There will be a small reception, with aperitifs,  - where you can meet our guests and friends informally, in the evening, before the special Euroradio dinner. This takes place in the restaurant "La Sole Meunière", close to the hotel.

Euroradio 2011 costs £42/47€ including dinner (price include wine, coffee and aperitifs), or just £12/12€  for the afternoon (without dinner).
For Bookings and further information contact
Post    Offshore Echo's, PO Box 1514, London W7 2LL, England

Booking via PAYPAL:

Euroradio 2011 including dinner (£42):


Euroradio 2011 including dinner (47€):

Euroradio 2011 afternoon (£12):


Euroradio 2011 afternoon (12€):