Euroradio 2004 –

in pictures (updated)

France Radio Club and Offshore Echo's annual event celebrates thirty years as an offshore free radio organisation and magazine. Euroradio 2004 commemorated the three eras of offshore radio, with special guests and video presentations.

Ad Roberts photo gallery

Euroradio 2004 opens!

Our guests: Mick Williams (Ray Clark), a surprise guest - AJ Beirens,
John Ross-Barnard and Ad Roberts

Ray Clark interviewing John Ross-Barnard


John tells how the American deejays on Radio England
pronounced Scunthorpe !


Ad Roberts with Ray Clark (Mick Williams)

Ad Roberts comments on his video of Radio Monique

Robin Banks and the OEM birthday cake

Ad and Robin in the pub

An attentive audience

AJ talks about Radio Northsea International



The evening meal

OEM is 30!

Ad and Ray

Ray, John and Ad


Unfortunately, Tom Edwards was unable to join us as he was suffering from the ‘flu. We hope to have Tom as a guest in the future.

Many thanks to all who came to share our birthday with us, particularly to all our guests Ad, John, Ray, Robin and AJ Beirens

A special thanks to AJ, whose plugs for OEM on Radio Northsea Goes DX
programmes in 1974, helped start it all!

photos: Thierry Vignaud/Bernard Decatoire