1950 - 2021


Born in Brighton in February 1950, Mike Watts first radio experience was in 1965 when he bunked off school to take a trip out to Radio City. Bad weather left him stranded there for a few days, and he was invited to try his hand at radio presenting. His first real job was at Olympic Sound recording studios, and then went on to work at Maximum Sound, Tannoy and Chalk Farm studios.

Mike continued to work in electronics, as well as being involved in a couple of land-based pirate stations. He’d also come into contact with Peter Chicago and others from Caroline.
He was asked to join the offshore station, and arrived on the Ross Revenge in December 1986 as station engineer, to alternate with Chicago. He was occasionally heard on the air. After the 300 foot mast collapsed in 1987, Mike was involved in trying to get the ill-fated Valcom carbon fibre mast to operate. All who worked with him recalled his determination, to keep Caroline on the air, even in the worst of conditions.

After his time offshore, Mike worked on broadcast installations for Alice Soundtech and Virgin radio, and designing and building recording studios, and latterly worked on DAB systems and high end audio equipment. Over recent years, Mike had suffered from spells of ill health, and sadly passed away in early July, aged 71.

Mike Watts (centre) with Tony Kirk (left) and Nigel Roberts at OEMs Euroradio in Calais (1992)

Mike Watts examines the Radio 6 FM transmitter. Thanks to Offshore Echo's, the Calais based radio station broadcast special "Radio Caroline" programmes, after the Ross Revenge had run aground in 1991 and had been detained in the British port of Dover. Mike would often accompany some Caroline disc jockeys to Calais, for the monthly programmes. The aim was to keep the Caroline name, in the media and on the air, while Ronan O'Rahilly sought a way to get the radio ship back to sea. .


In June 1989, for Offshore Echos Magazine, Chris Edwards interviewed Mike Watts.
This interview is now on line in the members section of this site.