1940 - 2020

Canadian Mike Lennox was born in Winnipeg in 1940. After a college course in Texas on radio operation, he returned to Canada, taking a job on a small local station as a general all rounder. After a couple more jobs in Canada, he moved to 2BN, a radio and TV station in Bermuda. It was here he met future Big L colleagues Willy Walker and Duncan Johnson.

Intending to visit Australia, Mike first decided to travel to England. Unable to find radio work, he did a variety of jobs including appearing as a Dalek in a Dr Who film. After meeting up with old colleague Duncan Johnson, who was by then working for Radio London, he secured a job with the station, and was aboard ship within a few days. Known as “Marshall” Mike Lennox, he became a popular member of the staff, going on to present the breakfast.


Taking a break from shipboard life, Mike worked ashore for London, heading station promoted shows and disc nights. He also appeared in the film “Smashing Time” with Lynn Redgrave and Rita Tushingham, playing the part of a disc jockey.

Mike returned to sea, and stayed with Big L, being mobbed when he returned to London’s Liverpool Street station after the radio station closed.

Following some work for the BBC, film bit parts and 18 months at Phonogram records, he returned to his native Canada. After working with horses, in his families business, Mike became a stockbroker.

He later moved to live in Mexico. Sadly during the coronavirus pandemic, Mike caught Covid, and passed away in early September 2020. Our condolences go to Mike’s family and friends.


In 1990, for Offshore Echos Magazine, Chris Edwards interviewed Mike Lennox.
This interview is now on line in the members section of this site.