1939 - 2022


First heard on fort based Radio Invicta, John used several names – Peter Barraclough, Larry Parnell, Pete Ross and JRB. He stayed on when the station became the much improved Radio 390. IN 1966, he moved to Britain Radio and was also heard news reading on sister station Radio England.

After his offshore time, John moved to the BBC as a TV continuity announcer, and later head of BBC Video. Further moves, saw him as CEO of Coventry cable TV and MD of Satellite Media Services. He also worked as a broadcast consultant, and had been heard on several London RSL’s.

John Ross-Barnard sadly passed away on 2nd November at Coventry University Hospital, following a kidney infection. Our condolences to his family and friends.

An interview with John Ross-Barnard is in the Offshore Echo’s subscribers area.