1952 - 2021


Born 20th October 1952, Dennis Jason (real name Dennis Mikelas) started his career with a disco equipment supply shop in Reigate, as well as running a mobile disco, and deejaying in clubs in the local area.
For a while he drove buses and coaches, which bought him into contact with transport enthusiasts in the Caroline Movement radio supporters group. From here he became involved with land-based pirate stations Radio Jackie and South East Sounds.

Dennis moved offshore, joining Radio Caroline is May 1986, and the following year was heard on Laser Hot Hits.

Back onshore, he was heard on Mellow 1557, and several RSL stations, and later on Big L based in Frinton. A keen transport enthusiast, Dennis had a red London transport double decker bus, that he drove to vehicle rallies.


Dennis' bus - 2nd from left

In more recent years, Dennis has owned a double glazed window and converatory company, Nova based in Reigate.

After a long battle with cancer, Dennis sadly passed away on 9th July 2021, aged 68.

He is fondly remembered as a warm and genuine person, by all who knew him. Our condolences to his family and many friends.

Dennis in his home studio

Dennis on board the Ross Revenge - 1986

In front of the Laser Hot Hits transmitters - early 1987

Dennis took this amazing picture from the top of the 300 foot mast
of the Ross Revenge (Radio Caroline) in 1986.

In 2003 Dennis was the guest, along with Peter Chicago and Paul Graham,
at the annual Euroradio convention, organised by Offshore Echos in Calais

With Peter Chicago in Calais during the Euroradio dinner in 2003

In 2007 in Harwich, with Fran├žois Lhote (Offshore Echos) during the "pirate BBC Essex" broadcasts.