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Radio England probably should have been one of the most successful of the 1960ís offshore radio stations, being based on Radio London, which was hugely popular with listeners, and financially rewarding for its investors.
Radio Londonís business model was based on American Top 40 radio, but given an Anglised basis. Radio England went for the full on version of US Top 40 radio. England may have been swinging, but in the mid-60ís it yet wasnít ready for all the bells and whistles of unadulterated US pop radio. Perhaps ironically, some twenty years later, offshore station Laser 558 was hugely successful with a US Top 40 format.
Radio Englandís problem was that it was ahead of its time, and it didnít bring the returns it was hoped for. However with those that were ready, it retains a fond place in the memory.
England swings!

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