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the romantic life of Ronan O'Rahilly - founder of Radio Caroline

The Life of Ronan O'Rahilly)

Whilst Ronan is remembered for his greatest achievement, the creation of the famous offshore station Radio Caroline, there was a lot more to his life. On moving to London, he became involved in film production and the emerging music scene, which eventually led to his own radio station. This charismatic visionary also planned a flying TV station as well as a flying saucer – none of those took off. Another scheme was a car engine that should have run on water, and a pre-fabricated housing project. There were many ups and downs along the way, and battles with governments. He had the courage to promote the concept of Loving Awareness through the radio station, something the world still needs today. In this DVD/Bluray documentary, it is clear that there was more to remember Ronan by, than just a radio station, there were many other ideas, or perhaps that should be ideals. Instead of saying “why” it was always a case of “why not”.