While visiting Hong Kong and intending to work as a musician, circumstances caused Ed Stewart to start a broadcasting career with Radio Hong Kong. He returned to the UK in 1965 hoping to work on one of the offshore radio stations. Radio Caroline had no vacancies, but Radio London took him on as a summer relief. This soon became a permanent position, and an appointment to senior deejay.

After London’s close, Ed moved to the BBC presenting Junior Choice on radio, and on TV hosting Crackerjack and Top of the Pops. Between BBC slots, he worked on commercial station Radio Mercury for 5 years. Ed Stewart retired in 2006, but still returned occasionally to the BBC to present special editions of Junior Choice.

Ed who was born in Exmouth Devon on 23rd April 1941, suffered a stroke in early 2016, and sadly passed away on Saturday 9th January 2016.

Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

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