After the Marine Offences act became law, the Laissez Faire sailed to Flushing (Vlissingen), Holland on the 19th August to have the mast removed. On the 1st September, the ship set sail for Miami, Florida, arriving there on 22nd September 1967.

It is not clear if the mast had been removed in Holland, as it was reported that the mast broken and twisted when the ship arrived in Miami. The crew claimed that the damage happened when they sailed through a hurricane.

One of the Laissez Faire’s transmitters was sold to Swazi Radio of Mbabane, Swaziland and the other to Trans World Radio of Swaziland.

The fate of the Laissez Faire is somewhat unclear. The ship was renamed several times, and was later rumoured to have been involved in clandestine work for the CIA.






Transmitter at Swazi Radio

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