Ted Allbeury, who had previously run Radio 390, set up a new company Carstead Advertising to operate Radio 227 & 355.
Radio 355 was to follow a similar programming style to Radio 390, and had even recruited some of that stations staff.

On the 3rd July, an SOS call was put out to the coast guard, "We have a man (Dutch crew member Piet Roerrade) who is threatening murder and has assaulted the Captain". The lifeboat was alerted and was ready to launch if the police were willing to go. The Police chief for Clacton, Superintendent William Docker, decided that it was outside his jurisdiction and referred the matter to the Royal Navy at Portsmouth, who in turn passed it onto the Defence Ministry in London. They decided not to take any action but asked the coast guard to keep them informed of the situation.
That night all the crew and staff locked themselves in their cabins, the ship could not make its way back to Harwich as there was problems with the engines. In the early hours, of the 4th, the tender Offshore two, with a strong crew on board, went out to the aid of the seventeen men on board the Laissez Faire. Two Dutch crewmen were taken ashore, paid off and given tickets back to Holland.

Sheldon Jay