Following the close down of Radio England, a Dutch language station opened in its place, Radio Dolfijn.

The station operated on 227 metres, from 06:00 to 24:00 in a format similar to Britain Radio, the station became known as "Flipper Radio".

Radio Dolfijn was introduced at a press conference, held at the Hotel Gooiland in Hilversum on 14th November 1966. The same day, non stop music was aired on the new station until 16:40, when DJ Peter van der Hoven opened Radio Dolfijn with the following words, "Radio Dolfijn will be on the air daily from 06:00 - 24:00 on 227 Metres. Radio Dolfijn will bring you music and news, Radio Dolfijn will be your honest house friend".

The conditions aboard at Christmas 1966 were not pleasant. Violent storms prevented the normal rotation of staff and replenishment of supplies. Jack Curtiss recalled “during that spate of bad weather, I went out twice with a fully loaded tender, food supplies, water and relief staff and we could not transfer people and provisions. Finally, on the third attempt we succeeded.”
Radio Dolfijn was fairly short lived, closing after just four months on air. The stations operators were declared bankrupt

Radio Dolfijn: Basil van Rensburg Sales Manager for Holland; Managing Director Bill Vick and Station Manager Jack Curtiss