History was made on 29th September 1966, when M M McLaren (the Rate payers Candidate for Harwich) advertised on the station during a local by election. A law made in 1947 regarding election broadcasts did not apply to offshore stations. He won by 260 votes.

On the 22nd February 1967, Vincent Murphy telephoned from Washington to England, so that a potential backer could hear the station. Unfortunatly during the call the station left the air suddenly, as the two-hundred and ten foot mast had broken.


A floating dock was going to be hired so that repairs could be made at sea, but latter it was decided that the ship should be taken to a harbour. The Laissez Faire sailed to Zaandam harbour, in the Netherlands, for repairs. New backers had been found for the stations, Mr Murphy and Mr Langford III. While in Zaandam the frequencies of 355/227 were painted on the side of the ship.

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