Don Pierson was involved in the setting up of Radio London, one of the most successful of the 1960’s offshore “pirate” radio stations operating off the British coast.

Following disagreements with the board of Radio London, Don Pierson, who was also Mayor of his home town of Eastland, near Dallas USA, left to set up a new offshore radio station. He was joined by William Vick, who had withdrawn his backing from the Radio London project.

In early 1966, the 186 feet long 480 ton Olga Patricia was for sale in Panama, and was purchased by Peir - Vick Ltd. The ship, a former landing craft had been built in 1944 and was later used during the Korean war to carry bodies of GI’s killed in action back to the USA.

The Olga Patricia sailed from the Panama Canal zone to Dodge Island shipyard at Biscayne Bay, Miami, where she was fitted out as a radio ship.


Don Pierson

Targeting in on the main mast

Up she goes