In the end
The legal case against the British and Dutch governments, continued for some years, and with several changes of lawyers. The search for a “third world” licence also went on, with discussions being held with Cuba and Equitorial Guinea.
In the end nothing definite came of the legal case, or the "third world" licence.

Ronan with French TV

Ronan O'Rahilly with French TV

Several licenced stations calling themselves Radio Caroline still broadcasts today, on several terrestrial outlets and on the internet.
It is difficult to really know where the story of the original Radio Caroline ends.
Was it with the realisation there was no retribution from the raid, and no third world licence; or perhaps when the Ross Revenge came into Dover and under the control of the long time adversary – the British government or probably with the final broadcast as a free voice on 5th November 1990. It is perhaps a fitting date.

Ross 1992

The Ross Revenge - Dover 1992

While annual fireworks commemorate Guy Fawkes attempt to change history and blow up the British parliament, nearly 400 years earlier.
Radio Caroline changed history, rankled the British parliament and managed her own special explosion – of the musical kind - for over 26 years.

Ronan O'Rahilly



Ross Revenge - Docklands

The Ross Revenge in Docklands 1994

Easter 1994

Ronan O'Rahilly on board the Ross Revenge - Easter 1995

Ross 1996

Chatham 1996






Ross Revenge

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