Support Group
Later in the year, a series of special Radio Caroline programmes were produced by, and aired on Radio NewYork International, as well as several other shortwave stations. These were arranged by Offshore Echo's / France Radio Club to help promote the Caroline name worldwide. France Radio Club also organised a press conference in Calais, so that Caroline's situation could be explained to the media. FRC also arranged a series of live programmes with Caroline deejays, through Calais's Radio 6.

Goodwin Sands
Early in the morning of Wednesday 20th November 1991, Dover coastguard were tracking an unidentified ship that was drifting towards the Goodwin Sands, a notorious graveyard of wrecked ships. At 03.40 a helicopter in the area identified the ship as the Ross Revenge. Ten minutes later the ship hit the sandbank with a massive jolt. The crew aboard of Steve Conway, Wendy Shepherd, Ricky Jones, Steve Conway, Christian Cobley and Stuart Dobson, were later taken off by helicopter, as it was feared the ship could break up on the Goodwin Sands. Two days later, a salvage tug managed to pull the Ross Revenge off the sands at high tide. Since records began, over 500 ships have been lost on the Goodwin Sands, and only two have ever been rescued. One of these was the Ross Revenge. The former radio ship was taken into the UK port of Dover. The British marine authorities placed a detention order on her, and among the many requirements for this to be lifted, were that damage to the hull and the ships steering gear be repaired, and also that the ships registration and ownership papers be put in order. Normally when a ship is salvaged, the owners would pay the salvors to reclaim their ship. In the case of Radio Caroline, the ownership of the Ross Revenge was something of a legal labyrinth, with a smokescreen hiding the true owners.

Ross in Dover

Ross Revenge in Dover

Dover FM
A number of radio stations continued to give airtime to Radio Caroline, and in April 1992, a 28 day restricted service licence (RSL) was granted for Caroline to broadcast on FM from the Ross Revenge in Dover harbour. The salvage costs were eventually raised and paid by Caroline's supporters, on behalf of the ships owners. The Ross Revenge was then towed from Dover to Chatham, staying there for some time, before moving to London docklands, where another RSL broadcast took place. There were a number of moves and RSL broadcasts over the following years.


Lifting Generator power unit paid by the RRSG on board the Ross Revenge - Summer 1991

Ronan O'Rahilly and French TV

Daily Mail 21-11-1991

Ross on Goodwin

The Ross Revenge on Goodwin Sands

Ross High and Dry

The Ross Revenge High and Dry


Steve Conway

End of the line for the Ross Revenge -
Steve Conway


Ross Revenge on Goodwin Sands

On Goodwin Sands

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