Dawn Valley
The Viewpoint Religious programmes returned to Caroline on Wednesday 1st November 1989, and the middle of the month saw a new product being advertised at the top of every hour, "Dawn Valley" a nutritional convenience food containing vitamins, minerals and fibres for healthy living. There were also promo's aired for a "Welcome back Caroline" gig at London nightclub "Busbys", and for the Caroline Rockshow.

Clothes Pegs
The Kent Evening Post for 29th November 1989 featured Radio Caroline and in a sympathetic article, mentioned the raid, and that Radio Caroline's operating costs for are estimated at £150,000 a year. "Since the raid clothes pegs and coat hangers keep it going" revealed Mike Dundee. Most of the organisation is carried out from pubs and call boxes, as "most of our private telephones are tapped" claimed Peter Moore, who also said that "Radio Caroline is the last adventure you can have in Europe".

Power Up
Radio Caroline went off the air during the morning of the 6th January 1990 and did not return until the morning of Tuesday 9th with much increased power. Official figures claim power was previously 2 kW and power was now 5kw, although it is felt this is somewhat exaggerated. The previous power was believed to be about 800 to 900 watts with a daytime range of about 100 miles. The power was now around 3 to 4 kilowatts and a range of around 300 miles with a good daytime signal and a reasonable night-time signal. A number of reports claimed that the signal was now as good as the days of the big 300 foot mast.

The Future of Radio Caroline
January 1990 saw legal action commence against the Department of Trade and Industry. London based lawyers Richards Butler, experts in marine law had written to the DTI asking them to explain their action against the Ross Revenge on 19th August 1989 and pointing out the illegality of their action, they have also asked for assurances that such an act will not be repeated. The lawyers acting for Radio Caroline felt they had a very strong case against the DTI and would be vigorously pursuing the matter. More problematical to the operation of Radio Caroline, was the new Broadcasting Bill that was currently progressing through parliament. Clause 150 amended the Marine Broadcasting Act 1967 to make it an offence to manage stations broadcasting from ships, aircraft, etc. "Any person who from any place in the United Kingdom, participates in the management, financing, operation or day to day running of any broadcasting station by which broadcasts are made". Further clauses also add "hovercraft" to vessels affected by the MOA and also bar anyone convicted of an offence during the previous five years under the new laws from holding a licence for a legal radio station.

Dawn Valley

Dawn Valley

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