Most of the Caroline staff were now in the studio, and programmes continued, with frequent interruptions with increasingly urgent messages Bruce Munro "Representatives of the Dutch Government have just boarded the Ross Revenge. At the moment one of the people still aboard has been violent towards our engineer. The DTI are standing by at the rear of the ship. They are not at this stage appearing to do anything". Chris Kennedy "In the meantime let's send these people a message from us. Here are the Beatles from Caroline and -All you need is love". ... Dave Richards "One more message please Chris, I've just spoken to the Dover coastguards, for anybody listening, would they please stop now calling the coastguards." Nigel Harris "We have now been boarded by the Dutch authorities, we are in desperate need of help. They are going to shut the station down and take us all off. We are in International waters and this is a breach of this vessels rights to be here and we desperately plea for help. We need help now." Chris "So please anybody who's listening, anybody who's in authority, anybody who thinks they can do anything at all. Please help us, this is Radio Caroline anchored in the international waters of the North sea, we are currently being boarded." Dave "The latest news on board the Ross Revenge is apparently, whether we can believe it or not, but according to our sources this particular vessel, this Dutch vessel, this hostile Dutch vessel is acting on behalf of the British Government." Neil Gates "Please call your local MP, councilors, local radio station and local newspapers, anybody please help, quick." Chris "This could be the end, we wish you a lot of love. We've been here since 1964, Easter Sunday and hopefully someday Radio Caroline will be back, in fact I feel sure that we will. Please keep listening." Neil "This is Radio Caroline, the radio ship Ross Revenge anchored in the international waters of the North Sea. This is a Panamanian vessel being boarded illegally on behalf of the Dutch and British governments. There's a Dutch tug alongside and they're already on board the ship. They have already used violence against certain crew members here on board the Ross Revenge. If you can help us please call your local radio station, local media, anything, anyone you think can help us, call please now before Caroline goes."



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