Power Increase
The poor signal continued over Christmas and New year 1988, and it took until Saturday 13th February 1988 before things improved. The power had then greatly increased, estimated to be 2 to 3 kilowatts, and Caroline was audible once again throughout most of the United Kingdom and central Europe. Although the power was not as high as it had been before the 300 foot mast fell down, it was a considerably vast improvement and listening conditions were near normal again.

Mast up... and down 
Since the loss of the 300 foot mast, the Dutch broadcasts from the "Ross Revenge" had not been heard. Radio Monique engineers and several DJs including Ad Roberts and Erwin van der Bliek, arrived in early April to work on improved studios and a new mast. A base plate for the new mast had been welded to the ships deck, and special co-axial cable installed. The new mast, from the Canadian company Valcom, was around 30 metres high and constructed of carbon fibre. It was allegedly claimed to be capable of being unstayed, and taking a power of 50 kilowatts. Both of these claims were soon found to be far from reality. When the Valcom mast was erected, even in light winds it whipped around, and within days a loud crack was heard, as it snapped off at the base. Stays and guy wires were ordered, the mast was repaired and once again was erected. The Dutch programmes from Radio Monique, on 819khz using the Valcom mast, returned at the end of May, but signal quality was poor, and there were a lot of problems with the mast overheating, even on a power of only a few kilowatts. Attempts were made to improve the signal, and it was hoped to run it up to 5kw. However when the power was increased, the mast burst into flames. The Valcom mast was abandoned, Radio Monique moved to 558 during the daytime, and Radio Caroline was on the air at night.

New Address
From 9th September 1988, Radio Caroline announced a new mailing address of: Radio Caroline, Box 146, Playa de Aro, Gerona, Spain. On Saturday 24th September, Rob Harrison commented during his show, "Hello to everyone at the radio conference in Blackpool this evening, I hope you are all having a good evening" Communicate 88 was taking place in Blackpool. Organised jointly by Anoraks UK, Offshore Echo's and Monitor magazine, the event took place in the Winter Gardens Conference centre.

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DJs line-up January,
February, March 1988
DJs line-up April, May,
June 1988

Xmas 1987

Christmas 1987 - Chris Kennedy, John Bibby, Steve Conway and Mike Davies

Xmas 1987

Christmas 1987 - Mike Watts, Chris Kennedy, Dave Richards, Mike Davies and Rowena Wilde



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Complete Radio Caroline, Radio Monique, Radio 819 News as published in OEMs 71, 72 & 73




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Temporary mast erected

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