Suffering Interference
Radio Caroline suffered interference on 963khz from Radio Finland's newly introduced 600kw transmitter. This was first noted on the 14th September 1987, and transmission power had since been up and down, with reception reports of "Viewpoint" being varied. Listener Clive Bedwell in East Sussex reported that "Viewpoint" was blotted out at 22.00 by Radio Finland on the 17th, while listeners in Essex reported reasonable reception.

Hurricane Force
To many peoples surprise, Caroline started on time on Friday 16th October 1987, as hurricane force winds were sweeping across Southern England. Peter Philips sounded very bright and cheerful as he said they had a book upstairs which described various sea conditions. A completely white sea and the air full of spray is classed as a hurricane and looking out of the porthole window, Peter said this was the current state of the sea. He later mentioned that a nearby lightship had reported the weather conditions as force 11. For the rest of the day the transmitters were on low power and kept tripping out. Caroline was finally forced to go off the air mid afternoon. They returned late evening, after repairs to antenna feed wires were carried out.

Shortwave Tests
A strong signal was reported in Holland on 6220khz on the 28th October 1987, with about 200 watts, Media Network reported the next day, they also mentioned that plans are well advanced to beam religious programmes to Eastern Europe with a three and a half kilowatt transmitter that is already on board the "Ross Revenge", along with crystals for 6203, 6210 and 9940khz. Caroline had previously carried out shortwave tests on 2nd September 1987 on 6220khz and 6205khz, power on that occasion was about half a kilowatt.

DTI Reports
The Radio Investigation Service of the Department of Trade and Industry in their second annual report mentioned that the RIS had continued to help the police in their investigations of offshore pirates and added that "reputable companies were well aware that it is an offence to advertise on stations such as Radio Caroline, so they have no prospect of commercial viability".

Monique Move
On the 15th November 1987, the Dutch station Radio Monique, that also broadcast from the Ross Revenge, moved frequency from 963khz to 819khz. The move was announced on Caroline throughout the day.

Peter Phillips

Peter Philips


Storm in the Northsea




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Complete Radio Caroline and Radio Monique News as published in OEM 69



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