A Plod Play
Kevin Turner played a record for the local police on the 28th January 1987, saying they had seen quite a bit of the local plod recently with a visit from the Essex police on the 26th and a follow up from the Suffolk police on the 27th.

Multi Tea Bag
One of the difficulties of being on a ship, is that if you run out of essentials, you can't just pop out to the local shop. Richard Staines reported on the 20th February 1987 that they'd discovered a twelve cup tea bag as they'd run out of tea bags five days earlier, he added that everyone was going up the wall because of the lack of tea. A couple of days later Kevin Turner said that if he sounded better this morning, it was due to the fact he'd managed to find a box of tea bags, albeit that they were an old box, but was a definite improvement after the last few days.

7 Years Ago
558 was on the air before 05.00 on the 20th March, with Mark Matthews playing tribute to the old Caroline ship "Mi Amigo" that had sunk on that same day seven years earlier. Mark played a recording of the closing announcements before officially starting his show at 05.00, his opening announcement was "Still broadcasting live from the North Sea, this is Radio Caroline". Mark also mentioned the "Mi Amigo" again at 10.50 and Mark Warner refered to it again later in the day.

Happy 23rd Birthday
At 21.00 (GMT) on 28th March 1987, Mark Matthews celebrated 23 years of Caroline by spinning through the years in chronological order with twenty three records played, between each were the jingles and adverts from the relevant periods in Caroline's history. Also included by popular demand from the mess room were some out-takes of commercials and promotions that hadn't quite worked out. People included in Caroline's version on TV's "It'll be alright on the night" were Peter Philips, Neil Francis, Tommy Rivers and Mike Barrington. The birthday spectacular finished at 02.30 BST, the clocks went forward at 01.00 on the morning of the 29th, Mark Matthews continued through until 05.00 BST (04.00 GMT) with music from the Seventies.

A Belated Happy Christmas
One of the difficulties of being on a ship and having no regular postal service, is that sometimes things arrive rather late. At the start of May, Mick Williams said that some Christmas cards had arrived on board and read some out, wishing people a Merry Christmas throughout his show. Mick later said hello to the RAF pilot who'd done a low fly past, giving him a fright. He wouldn't say what he'd been doing at the time other than to say he nearly fell off.

Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner

Peter Philips

Peter Philips


Dave Ellis, Stuart Clark,
Tim Shepherd, Rob Charles
and Jamie King



DJs line-up January,
February, March 1987

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"Top row left to right Wim Vriezen, Jamie King, Ad Roberts Seated Chicago, Dennis (aerial rigger), Rob Charles, Tony Haggis, Me, Peter de Vries, Lindsay (aerial rigger), Dave Ellis. This would have been January/February 1987. Dennis and Lindsay climbed the mast to rig the new 4-wire aerial feed and welded the cross on the top. Chicago then upgraded the 558 tx from 2 valves in the PA to 3 to increase the power from 4kW to 8kW." ( Kevin Turner )
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