Soap Opera 
Early October 1986, and a period of calm weather, saw maintenance work being carried out to the Ross Revenge. The generators and main engine were serviced, and one of the top aerial stays, that had come loose a few weeks earlier, was fixed, during exceptionally calm seas, in preparation for winter Around mid-October, an advert for "Rock Video International " magazine, issue no. 4 carrying an article and a full page colour picture of the Ross Revenge. The picture was taken by "Fotoflite" on what was obviously a very clear day, as the Essex coast can be seen some 15 miles away in the background. The article calls Radio Caroline "an on-going soap opera concerning the life of a small community of broadcasters who are dedicated enough to sit out on the North sea for three or more months at a time in an attempt to ply their craft". A new competitor to Caroline arrived in the North Sea at the start of December, although the radio ship was rather familiar having previously housed Laser 558. The new station Laser Hot Hits, was met with some concern by Caroline management, who felt that the DTI might take action against the ships as they had during "Eurosiege 85". A meeting was held with Ronan O'Rahilly, New York executive Vincent Monsey and station staff to discuss this and the competition posed by Laser's programming.

Official Report
The UK Department of Trade and Industry 1985/86 annual report from the Radiocommunications Division mentioned the surveillance operation on Radio Caroline & Laser 558, and "that Radio Caroline broadcasts persisted and work continues to identify those who might contravene the Act by supplying or maintaining Caroline".

Snow White
The unusual sight of snow settling on the Ross Revenge was commented on several DJ's on the 11th January 1987. The next day staff were terming the ship "The Big WHITE Boat in the North Sea" due it being completely covered in snow. There were also snowball teams going, Caroline v. Monique. Apart from the snow, sea conditions were very rough around this time.

Overdrive Overturned ?
On the evening of 24th January 1987, at midnight, "Caroline 963" instead of Overdrive, came on the air. This was a test with an AOR format and, presented by "Hertz van Rental" otherwise known as Andy Johnson, who was joined by Mark "Ronald van der Mastermind" Matthews and Mike "Baron von Wimpyburger" Watts. Later Andy said "You're listening to a test transmission from the MV Ross Revenge. Whether we're testing transmitters or music I'm not too sure but we're certainly testing all the peoples ears".


Communicator returns

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson


John Lewis, Kevin Turner and Tony Peters


Overdrive studio


DJs line-up October, November, December 1986



Ross Revenge back deck with Communicator at horizon

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