Unwelcome Visitors 
As many boats have been in touch with the "Ross Revenge" on the ships telephone, wanting to know Caroline's position, on Sunday 31st August 1986 John Lewis gave this out, in his own words 'taken from a satellite just two minutes earlier'. The position was given as 51' 39.93 North, 1' 32.82 East, apparently a number of ships use the "Ross Revenge" because of her fixed position to enable them to locate themselves. At around lunchtime on the 5th September 1986, Peter Philips announced that a fishing boat with the number 24 was circling the Ross Revenge with "professional photographers banging from the bridge". This was later identified as the UK registered "Loadsman", who were apparently warned by North Foreland radio for sailing too close at speed to the Ross Revenge. The "Loadsman" was also reported for breaching international regulations by covering up her port of registry during this incident.

Caroline On Shortwave 
Reports that Caroline 558 was being relayed on 5945 kHz shortwave on Sundays were explained as an unofficial relay, by the same person who is relaying two Belgian land based pirates. Radio Netherlands Jonathon Marks phoned Caroline's Vincent Monsey in New York for 18th September's "Media Network" programme. Vincent Monsey "It's not us, we are still doing work concerning the short wave transmitter and we actually have just been taking our time and it is planned to go ahead, but there are various land based operations who have been relaying the 558 frequency on shortwave, particularly 5945 kHz. We don't even know who they are ourselves, I've been getting myself reception reports coming out of East Germany, who seem to be very enthusiastic about the whole thing". Jonathon Marks "What about the plans on the ship though, just how far have they got?". VM. "We've been working to improve the 558 kHz frequency again. Being the main income earner of the station, a lot of work has gone into that. The cost of the short wave service, they've done odd tests, they did a test again on shortwave about three months ago, on 6297 or something which is the original crystal that was in the transmitter on there. But there is no definate go-ahead yet for the short wave on that".


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