Siege over
The Colchester "Evening Gazette" for 19th December 1985, reported that the government spy ship Gardline Tracker had been withdrawn and quoted Mr. Geoffrey Pattie, the Industry minister as saying "the surveillance has been very successful, the decision to end does not mean we have lost interest." He said that evidence of a considerable number of possible offences had been sent to police both in this country and abroad, and that the Director of Public Prosecutions was considering prosecutions. Radio Caroline closed on both frequencies at 21.00, on the 19th, with an announcement that it was for routine transmitter maintenance. From the 24th, all the Christmas cards sent in to the station, started to be read out over this and the following days. The Christmas period also saw several breakdowns and maintenance periods, because of rough weather and strong North Easterly winds. On the 23rd off between 08.00 and about 10.30 for essential aerial maintenance, on the 26th off at about 16.30 until the following day and again on the 27th from 15.00 until 19.00, the 963khz TX was also off all that same day until 19.00. On the 29th, Andy Johnson announced the news from the next weekend would be at 13.00 instead of midday, one of many changes taking place on Radio Caroline in 1986.

Into the 22nd Year
Advertisers current at the start of 1986 were Newsweek International, Arabian Sands holidays, Top Deck holidays, Nikon cameras, Pacific Design (Frame factory), Seagull Sales, Superior Leisure-wear, Music Master and Lotto 649. Quite a few changes took place at the start of the New year. On the very first day - 1st January 1986, John Ford told us of the "Dial Dilemma" taking place for the first time at 21.00 that evening. 558 would continue with its new format of 24 hour a day of Caroline classics with the best of the new tracks, whereas 963 between 21.00 and 04.00 would be started with Tom Anderson with an LP rock format called "Overdrive". Tom Anderson started his show on the 15th saying "Welcome to Caroline Overdrive, the real alternative from the damp cavern at the rear of the Ross Revenge." Graham Vega was last heard reading the news at 13.00 on the 17th January, the same day that report in the Harwich Standard briefly mentioned that Caroline may be moving to the other side of the North Sea.

Overdrive studio

Caroline overdrive studio



Ross Revenge

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson


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  DJs line-up December 1985

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Dave Andrews

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