Goodbye Laser
On Wednesday 6th November 1985 at around 09.30, Susan Charles played a request for those aboard the Communicator. But it wasn't until the Radio Monique 11.00 news that the events on the North Sea, that day, began to be revealed. A newsflash at 11.07 by Andy Johnson "The offshore radio ship MV Communicator, home of Laser 558 sailed from the Knock deep channel today escorted by the British Government surveillance vessel Gardline Tracker."
During the rest of Susan's show, the message was in the music with the following records played, the first track from Loving Awareness - Free your Soul, followed by an unannounced track with the words "Station planet Earth is closing down -transmission ends", then, Listen to the radio -Tom Robinson, You won't stop - Jam, There is a reward - King Sound, Come to my aid - Simply Red, It ain't neccessarily so - Bronski Beat, I ain't got you - Lazy Street Blues Band, A good heart is hard to find - Feargal Sharkey, Storm on the sea - Thomson twins and Close to you - Rio.
The midday news from David Andrews, repeated the earlier newsflash, but a look at Lasers time on the North sea was abandoned during the news report for technical reasons, but after one record of the Neil Francis show, Andy read a brief history of Laser.
This was followed by a tribute to the station by Neil Francis, who afterwards, at 12.20 said you will really have to forgive us if we are harping on a little bit too much, it really is a sad day for everyone on board the Ross Revenge.
A sad day for a lot of other people too, no doubt.

Hello Caroline 558
At 22.04 on the 6th November 1985, Radio Caroline closed down both her 963 and 576khz transmitters. Carolines engineers worked quickly to re-tune the 576khz equipment and by 02.30 this had been changed to a new frequency of 558khz, the more powerful 963khz transmitter also reappeared back on the its same frequency, on the morning of 7th November.
The move annoyed the owners of Laser 558, who'd hoped to restart their service as soon as was possible. More annoyed, and angered however were the BBC who had long since planned to use 558, since it was allocated to them by the Department of Trade and Industry in January 1984. The BBC staff newspaper "Ariel" reported that it was like seeing "one squatter evicted, only to have another one move in".



Communicator to Harwich

The Communicator escorted by the Gardline Tracker on her way to Harwich


Frequency change to 558



Caroline 558 transmitter





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