Ian West Tribute
On Sunday evening 15th September 1985 a tribute was aired, Ian West who was to have joined Radio Caroline as an engineer at Christmas 1984, died on 11th December 1985 before he was able to attain his life long ambition. Ian was cremated and his parents had asked that his ashes be scattered at sea near the Ross Revenge, they obtained permission from Radio Caroline and also from the "Dioptric Surveyor" to do this, and had travelled out to the ship where a small ceremony was held. Both the 576 and 963 transmitters closed for one minutes silence at 20.00, a bell was presented to the crew of the Rose Revenge by Ian's father and this now hangs in the mess room on board the ship.

Fuel fines
Around the middle of September 1985, both of the transmitters aboard the Ross Revenge suffered problems due to arcing aerial insulators. Both services went off air for short periods over the space of a few weeks on almost a daily basis. Typical was Tuesday 17th September 1985, when both 576 and 963khz cut out at 15.00, the following day 963 cut at 15.02 and 576 at 15.03, both returning with music at 16.19. On 21st September 1985 a new style Lotto 649 advert was noted, announcing two draws a week and with prizes now given in Canadian Dollars.

Fergie McNeill

Fergie McNeil

On Friday 27th Fergie announced that the last Knock Deep tea party was to be aired on Sunday 29th. Also on Friday 27th, three men were charged at Southend magistrates Court with supplying 1700 gallons of diesel fuel to the Ross Revenge in contravention of the Marine Offences Act. Howard Beer, Graham Bushell and Donald Hill were each fined £500 plus £20 costs. TVS, Anglia TV and and Thames TV news all carried the story that evening.

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