DTI warning
Broadcast magazine for 14th June 1985 reported that the Department of Trade would be warning UK based companies who advertise on offshore radio stations, but if the DPP is already pursuing an advertiser the DTI might not intervene. The magazine also reported that police investigations into shore links are continuing, but that no summonses have yet been issued. A BBC TV film crew were aboard the Ross Revenge on the Monday 17th June 1985, filming for a schools programme. The following Monday, the 24th, Jay Jackson paid tribute to the recently departed Tony Windsor, best remembered for his "hello" show intro on 60's offshore station Radio London. On 14th July, reception reports were requested, as a new transmitter was being used on 576 Khz. The next day, a new programme was aired, Jamming 963. This only went out on 963 Khz. Radio Caroline began an appeal for the Greenpeace photographer killed in the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, and for replacing the ship, in mid July. Caroline had a long history of association with Greenpeace, as both organisations shared similar ideals.

American takeover
During the Andy Johnson show for 1st August 1985, some mystery guests appeared, the first said "On Caroline 576, we've just lost the English accent, I've become American, hi, this is the mystery guest" and sounding like one of Radio Carolines neighbours who was due on air at 19.30 that evening. The next one mentioned that "the invasion continues I guess, right out here on Caroline 576, 'What a guy' on the air, at about 14 past, Ian Hunter and 'All American English guy' I am so glad to be over here, I think that broadcasters have to stick together" said guest number one. John Lewis who was also in the studio, "we're all a team no matter what station we work for. That's the whole idea of Loving Awareness, Charlie, we're two stations, Laser and ourselves and everybody thinks that because we're two stations on different ships we hate each other, but the whole thing is we get on with each other. Why don't other people get on with each other." The final guest said "it's nice to be here on Caroline, I hope you enjoy the music. Many thanks to Cosmic for letting me make a cameo appearance here on Caroline, Erin Kelly here, I've had a great time here". Offshore Echo's had visited Radio Caroline and Laser 558, that day, taking some of the Laser deejays across to the Ross Revenge.

OEM Visit

Francois (OEM) presenting the model to John Lewis. Right: Fergie McNeil and Dave Andrews

Tony Windsor

The late Tony Windsor on Big L

Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Charlie Wolf

Charlie Wolf - Laser 558



DJs line-up June/July 1985

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Never more than a minute from Loving Awareness - Caroline, Monique & Laser deejays, OEM visit 1-8-85

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