LOTTO    6-4-9

Lotto 6-4-9
The first advert for the Canadian Lottery "Lotto 649" was aired on19th January 1985. "Rock and Roll by Status Quo" entered the Dutch top fifty chart, on 23rd January 1985 when played on Hilversum III by Tom Blomberg, who mixed in many Caroline jingles and at the end of the record mixed in "live" on air broadcasts of Caroline 576. During the later part of January, the 5 kilowatt transmitter being used on 576 kHz, began giving problems with modulation, and a distorted signal was heard. At the end of January, in perhaps a foretaste of what was to come, a police launch and coast guard vessel surveyed the Ross Revenge, taking many photographs, for the first time since Summer 1983.

BBC cause interference
In mid- February, the 576 transmitter was turned off for a day, to allow some modifications to be carried out. On 19th February the religious programmes, that provided an important income for Radio Caroline, started to be aired under the banner of the "Viewpoint" service. An interesting and noteworthy incident occurred on 20th February 1985, when the UK coast guard contacted Laser via Radio Caroline. The coastguard were experiencing some radio interference. Laser left the air, but the interference remained. Caroline left the air, but still the interference remained. It was eventually tracked down to the transmitters of BBC Radio 1 and the BBC World Service. And there was us thinking that it was only "pirate" stations transmitters that caused interference.

Europes leading
On Monday 11th March 1985, during Jay Jacksons morning programme, there was a mention for Offshore Echo's magazine. It's nice to know that Europes leading Free Radio magazine is read by those on one of Europes leading free radio stations. Monday 25th March 1985 saw a frequency change from 576khz to 585khz, this lasted for three days and whilst reception was good in the South, those in the North were not so lucky due to the proximity of BBC Radio Solway.

Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson

Radio Caroline

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10 kW 576 kHz transmitter


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Jay Jackson in the mess

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