Radio Kent
By the end of July, Radio Caroline could be not only be heard on 963Khz, but on another transmitter frequency of 594 Khz / 505 Metres, with a power of about 3 kilowatts. However the UK's Independent Broadcasting Authority had planned to use 603 Khz for Radio Kent, and to prove the point, on 29th July 1984, they increased the power of the Radio Kent transmitter, resulting in interference to Radio Caroline's 594 Khz service. Caroline had to switch off her 594 Khz transmitter.

Two services
In mid November, a team of Dutch engineers stayed aboard the Ross Revenge to carry out work on the aerial system, to allow two stations to share the antenna. Just after ten in the evening on 26th November 1984, the generator gave problems, and the station went off air to allow maintenance to be carried out. The next evening, generator problems again forced Caroline off the air. The First Dutch Advert was aired on 1st December 1984, for "TROS Kompas", a legal Dutch broadcasting organisation in the Netherlands. The reason for the advert was that they were only allowed thirty seconds of advertising time on their own broadcasts. Any fines for using Radio Caroline would be less then that for breaking the "thirty seconds law".

Radio Monique
The transmitter cooling system filters were cleaned out, in mid- December, and a mass of sea weed was found wrapped around them, the cause of the previous problems. Opening at 05:00 on 15th December 1984, the two Caroline frequencies split, with 576 Khz / 519 Metres broadcasting as Radio Caroline, while the 963 Khz transmitter was used for a test broadcast of new Dutch station Radio Monique.
The next morning, 16th December, Radio Monique officially opened at 11.00, broadcasting on 963 Khz / 312 Metres, which was announced as 319 metres.

Stormy weather
Rough weather in early January 1985 caused problems for Caroline. The radioship lost her anchor on 6th January, and began drifting during a force ten storm. Walton lifeboat, which had been assisting a stricken passenger ferry Speedlink Vanguard, was called and stood by the Ross Revenge to give help if needed. The crew of the Laser 558, assisted by giving readings from their navigational equipment. Caroline returned to her anchorage the next day, but continued to have difficulties, and was off the air several times, until a new anchor was fitted in mid January.




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