Full tests
The 15th August saw a news item about Caroline in the Daily Express, it gave a few details about the ship, but nothing that was not already known. There was a short transmitter test from the ship between 21.00 and 22.00 later that day. This consisted of a continuous tone. Tuesday the 16th, and the Daily Mail and Stewart Payne really went to town, with two different reports in the paper. One for Northern edition readers and one for Southern edition readers. There were also two photographs illustrating the story. One of the studio with Tom Anderson at the controls and the other one was an aerial view of the ship. The 17th saw much activity onboard the ship as final preparations were made. At around 5.00 on the 18th a test was made with a 10kw transmitter. Later that afternoon, Offshore Echos Magazine helped to produce a feature for SUD RADIO in the South of France, about Caroline's return. A representative of OEM spoke on the air about the station's history and its return. The feature included jingles and music. The 19th August saw full music tests on 963khz with frequent announcements. These stated that station would start proper broadcasts the following day at 12.00.

Caroline returns
At 12 Midday on 20th August 1983, Radio Caroline officially returned to the airwaves, on 963 Khz / 319 metres, with DJ Tom Anderson hosting the first programme. Tom had been the last voice heard when Caroline's previous ship Mi Amigo had sunk three years earlier.
During October, a United States Grand Jury heard that James Ryan was engaged in a scheme during 1981 and 1982 to defraud investors of the Radio Caroline / Ross Revenge project. Ryan appealed against the case, which was heard again in November 1989. On the 18th November, three supply boat crew members and four DJ's including Andy Archer (real name Terry Dawson) were arrested when they arrived back in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, from the Ross Revenge. They were charged as illegal immigrants.

Radio Caroline


Captain Martin Eve and DJs Andy Archer and Tom Anderson


Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson






Ross Revenge 1983

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