Zeezenders 20
Zeezenders 20 was another more ambitious event organized by Flashback Promotions. This took place over the weekend of 29 / 30th July 1978, at the Leeuwenhorst Congress Centre in NoordwijkerhoutI, on the Dutch west coast. Similar to Flashback 67 held the previous year, Zeezenders 20 attracted a large audience of offshore radio enthusiasts for an audio visual presentation featuring many deejays from the offshore stations.

The 1st August, saw the start of the Summer tour by the Caroline fun bus. This red painted ex London transport double decker, registration number LUC 289, was owned and driven by offshore photographer Martin Stevens.

Donated generator
October heralded several shortages. On the12th, the generator broke down. While the station was off the air the ship and studios were overhauled.
Plans to restart Radio Mi Amigo didn't materialise, as the Flemish organisation had purchased their own ship the MV Magdalena. At 11:54 on the 20th, all the transmitters went off the air. Diesel oil was in very short supply. One generator was powered up for about three hours a day to cook a meal, which the crew had rationed to once a day. No heating or lighting was available for the other twenty-one hours of the day. A brief test broadcast was made, on 1st November, consisting of test tones and a selection of Beatles tracks. Several more tests were aired over the following days, all consisting of test tones. The last test broadcast was made on 9th November. On 16th December, the new Radio Delmare ship, that was being fitted out in the Netherlands, made a dash out to sea, when they suspected that they were going to be raided. The Aegir made its way to the Mi Amigo and donated their Cummins 160 kVA generator to Radio Caroline.


New delivered generator


Caroline bus

Caroline music bus

Caroline back

New generator on back deck

Mi Amigo 25-10-1978

The Mi Amigo - end of October 1978




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Radio Caroline 1978

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