Saint André des Flandres
Around 2.30 in the morning of 27th February, a lifeboat took off Dutch deejay and news reader Eric Beekman, from the Mi Amigo. After arriving at Walton on the Naze pier, Beekman who'd had an epileptic fit, was taken to the Essex Country Hospital at Colchester, and shortly after was flown home to Holland under sedation. Eric later went on to become managing director of Top Format, a jingle company in Holland. The 3rd March 1977, saw Radio Caroline use 259 Metres for the last time.
A French trawler from Boulogne - the Saint Andre des Flandres, was seized on returning to port on 4th March, for supplying the Mi Amigo. Papers were found on board connecting Ms Oonagh Huggar with supplying Radio Caroline. A Court case was set for the 1st June 1977. Just into Wednesday 9th March, shortly after midnight, test broadcasts of non stop music were heard on 315 metres. At six in the morning Radio Caroline officially opened on what was announced as 319 metres, with the theme Caroline by the Fortunes.

Frequency change
There was a frequency change of 5th July, from 315 to 312 Metres, although this was still announced as 319 Metres. There were more changes a few weeks later, on 23rd July, when Caroline left 192 Metres. Two days later, on 25th July, Radio Mi Amigo opened on a new frequency of 212 Metres, at 11:22 in the morning.

Leaky generator
At 9:30 in the morning on 4th August, programmes were replaced by non-stop music, and that afternoon at 15:48, both transmitters went off air suddenly. Water had been seen seeping onto the floor of the record library.

Record Library

Damaged record Library

Eventually it was traced to a leak in the generator cooling system, and at 20:05 the 319 transmitter was switched back on.

The same day, Caroline engineer Peter Murtha (Chicago) was arrested, when a Belgian trawler put him ashore at Gorleston, Norfolk, UK. Bail was set at £1500, and he was later fined £150 at Norwich magistrates court.

Saint Andre des Flandres


Mi Amigo deck

Peter Chicago

Peter Chicago


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