During storms a huge wave broke a porthole on 10th September. The studio was flooded, but programmes resumed from another studio. More serious was when the anchor was lost at 20:30 that evening, during the force nine storm. The radioship started to drift, and the Lifeboat services and air-sea rescue at RAF Manston were put on standby. At 03:20 on 11th September, the station left the air. The Mi Amigo had run onto a sandbank, and the hull had become holed in two places. There was up to six feet of water in some parts of the ship. The English DJ's decide to stay, but the Dutch deejay's and crew were taken off the ship and on to Ostend in Belgium. The Dutch searched Ostend harbour and discovered an impounded oil tanker - on board of which was a large anchor and chain, which they removed during the night. This found its way to the MV Mi Amigo, where it served for thirteen years, until the ship sank in March 1980. Two tenders arrived on the16th September, with a relief crew, and towed the ship clear of the sandbank. Non stop music returns at six that evening.

Radio Caroline switched frequency to 259 Metres /1158 kHz on 10th December 1976, giving a full 24 hours a day service. Radio Mi Amigo moved to Caroline's previous 192 metre spot on the dial.

Found Guilty
On 12th January 1977, Caroline deejay Samantha du Bois (Ellen Kraal) was found guilty by an Amsterdam court of broadcasting from the MV Mi Amigo. She was given a three week prison sentence suspended for two years.
Later in the month, on 27th January, Dave Hutson was found guilty of handing over newspapers to staff on the Mi Amigo, and was fined £125 plus £20 costs. The owner of the boat, that had taken Hutson out to the radioship - Arthur Ord (who was an old age pensioner) was fined £200 plus £20 costs. Almost a month later, there were more court appearances associated with Radio Caroline, this time in France. On 25th February, five Frenchmen were fined for supplying food and linen to the offshore station, at the High Court of Boulogne. The five were Paul Balogh, Jean-Pierre Delva, Frédéric Doucedame, Patrick Ringart and Jean-MarieTalleux. The fines were: Balogh 1500 Francs, Delva 1000 Francs, Doucedame and Ringard 3000 Francs and Talleux 5000 Francs.



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