The 11th December, saw a case at Southend Magistrates Court, with charges against members of Radio Caroline and her Captain. All were found guilty and fined. Simon Barrett was fined £200 plus £50 costs, Michael Lloyd was fined £50 plus £25 costs, Captain Werner de Zwart was fined £100 plus £50 costs. Peter Chicago pleaded not guilty and his case was adjourned until 23rd February 1976. Michael Lloyd, an American deejay was ordered to be deported as "an undesirable" for working for Radio Caroline. The Magistrates also made an order that stated if the Mi Amigo returned to British territorial waters she would be impounded. Simon Barratt wrote a book SOS 10 days in the life of a Lady (MRP books 1976) about the events surrounding the Mi Amigo drifting, the Home Office boarding and later court cases.

Peter Chicago was found guilty of repairing and maintaining illicit radio equipment, and fined £100 plus £50 costs on 23rd February 1976. Also on trial was deejay Don Stevens (real name Cyril Smith) who admitted to having broadcast for fifty-two nights aboard the radioship Mi Amigo. He was fined £50 plus £25 costs. Deejay Johnny Jason (real name Rudiger von Etzdorf) appeared at Southend on Sea Court, on 26th April for allegedly broadcasting from the radioship Mi Amigo. Thanks to a skilled defence by James Comyn QC, Jason was found not guilty. In one of the darkest episodes by the authorities against Radio Caroline, on 30th April, three men in Liverpool were sentenced to ninety days in prison, suspended for two years plus £500 costs each. Their heinious offence... displaying Radio Caroline car stickers!

All day
In April 1976 tests were made on 192 metres (1562 kHz) and 199 metres (1520 kHz). On the 15th May 15th, after a week of continuous music tests, the long promised all day English service started on 192 metres. Mark Lawrence opened at 06.00 with the words "It's 6 o'clock - 24 hours a day, this is Radio Caroline" and the first record 'All you need is love'. Broadcasts on 192 metres ended at 19.00, but Caroline continued on 259 metres, after the close of the Radio Mi Amigo programmes - thus giving a 24 hour service. On 23rd June1976, Caroline aired a preview of the new Loving Awareness LP. Ronan O'Rahilly had put together a band to vocalise and encourage the ideals of Loving Awareness that he and the radio station had been promoting. Caroline fan Dave Hutson took out a party of sightseers to the Mi Amigo on 1st August 1976. Unbeknown to him one of them was Detective Constable Gary Skull. On the way back to Brightlingsea, Essex, the boat was intercepted by the Essex police launch Watchful. Four months later Hutson received a summons to appear in court on the 27th January 1977.

Michael Lloyd

DJ Michael Lloyd: undesirable!

Simon Barratt - Johnnie Jason

Simon Barratt & Johnny Jason

Mi Amigo


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Mi Amigo

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