A UK based tug the Sauria had been standing by to tow the Mi Amigo, and this was later replaced by the Sun XXII. The captain of the radioship was however uncertain of whose instructions the tugs were operating under. There was a strong possibility the tugs were ultimately acting under the control of the British authorities, and would tow the Mi Amigo into a UK port where she would be arrested.
The Port of London Authority vessel Maplin arrived alongside the Mi Amigo on 12th November, and asked permission to come aboard, which was refused. The Maplin then circled the radioship before anchoring one hundred metres away. Later in the day, the Maplin returned to her base at Gravesend. It was not clear if the intention was to illegally board the Mi Amigo, or simply to frighten those aboard.
On Friday 13th November, the Mi Amigo's tender arrived and towed the ship half a mile north of South Edinburgh buoy number 3, and at 09:30 live non stop music returned on 1187 kHz.

On 14th November 1975, British Police and Home Office officials boarded the Mi Amigo, entering the studios at 14:50. The microphone was switched on, and the sound of a scuffle could be heard, as the officials demanded that the station be switched off. At 15:01, the station abruptly left the air.

Captain Werner de Zwart, deejays Simon Barrett (real name Simon Burnett), Michael Lloyd (real name Glen Schiller) and Peter Chicago (Peter Murtha), station engineer, were taken off the ship by Detective Sergeant Hargreaves, to Southend Police station, where they were charged with offences under the Marine Offences Act. The next day, all four men appeared in court, and were released on bail of £1000. Their passports were also confiscated, until a court case on 11th December.

Too rough
At two thirty in the morning of 17th November, the Mi Amigo contacted North Foreland Radio, to report that the main anchor had been lost, and a spare has been put down. At 08:30, Margate lifeboat arrived and took off two crew members. The Captain was told that no tug was available, and was invited to return to shore. The offer was refused. The Margate lifeboat had to return to shore at Ramsgate, as conditions were too rough at her home base of Margate.
At 06:30 on 23rd November, the Mi Amigo left the South Edinburgh channel, and anchored at a position of 51 39 42 North 01 31 52 East; Seventeen miles off the Margate coast.
Radio Caroline returned to the air on 26th November, following the boarding incident two weeks earlier. The top of the mast collapsed at 22:25 on 1st December, although the radio ship soon resumed broadcasts.




The Maplin

police boarding

Police boarding the Mi Amigo


Transmitting equipment photographed by Home Office during boarding



Mi Amigo

Crew members coming ashore



Police Boarding

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