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At 17.20 on 1st September 1974, a message was aired, that a small motor launch - the Moonraker, was alongside the Mi Amigo, and was unable to return to port because of bad weather. Walton lifeboat was sent out in hurricane force winds and took them back to land.
On 11th May 1975, Peter Jackson of Holland on Sea was fined £75.00 for operating a ship to shore link with Radio Caroline, plus £25 costs. The equipment, valued at £46, was confiscated. In August 1975, non stop music tests were made on 389 metres, with a view to a planned return of an all day service for Caroline. But it would be a few months wait for this.

The 18th September saw Caroline deejays Andy Archer and John B Mair plead guilty at Southend Magistrates Court, to charges of illegal broadcasting from the MV Mi Amigo. These were the first prosecutions under the 1967 Marine Offences Act, and both Andy and John were fined £100 each, plus £50 costs. Also appearing in court was Michael Baker, charged with supplying records to Radio Caroline. He was also fined £100, plus £50 costs.

Radio Orwell, an independent local radio station opened in Ipswich, on the UK East coast on 24th October 1975. Orwell began broadcasting on 1169kHz / 257 metres, which interfered with Caroline's signal on 1158 kHz.
The IBA had also granted Radio Orwell an additional frequency of 1412 kHz / 212 Metres. This frequency was short lived as Caroline had decided to change frequency to 963 Khz / 312 Metres.

At around 4.30 in the afternoon of Saturday 8th November, the Mi Amigo's anchor chain snapped and the ship began drifting, before grounding on the treacherous Long Sands.
Just before eight, the ship was refloated, but still remained adrift, and just after ten that night entered British territorial waters. The coastguard were flooded with calls from listeners, but they had been tracking events since the start, and had alerted all emergency services that they might be called upon. About this time the engine on the MV Mi Amigo became unserviceable.

Around one the next morning, an emergency anchor was used to hold the ship, and at four in the afternoon, a second emergency anchor was dropped. The Mi Amigo had managed to hold her position close to South Edinburgh buoy no.3.
By 20:45, the lighthouse tender Mermaid confirmed the position, but considered the Mi Amigo a danger to shipping.

Mi Amigo 1974

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Mi Amigo 1975

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