Radio Atlantis
A new office had been established in The Hague. Caroline House, Van Hogendorpstraat 16, Holland. During June, there were several generator problems, with both stations frequently leaving the air. Two new Deutz generators were obtained to replace the old Barth generators, and the aerial mast was built up to 180 feet high.

From the 1st July 1973, the 773 kHz transmitter came on the air. It had been hired by Radio Atlantis for three months, and broadcast from 06:00 - 19:00 daily. After Atlantis had closed down for the night, non stop music was broadcast.

Radio Seagull
Another new station Radio Seagull made its debut on 24th July. Seagull was a progressive music station that came on after Atlantis closed down for the night.


At the end of September, storm force winds kept the stations off the air. Early afternoon on 1st October, the mast collapsed, leaving only a twenty-six foot section standing.

mast broken

A makeshift aerial was erected by the 4th, and the station resumed broadcasting using the 10 kW transmitter, but this was not very successful. The make shift aerial failed on the 18th October, and the radioship was silent.

Mi Amigo with temp mast

The three month Radio Atlantis contract was not renewed. They had purchased their own ship, the Janiene, which started test broadcasts on the 3rd November.

On the Mi Amigo, work started on another new mast.

Caroline House

Mi Amigo 1973

Adriaan van Landschot

Adriaan van Landschodt - owner of Radio Atlantis



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Mi Amigo - July 1973

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