All ill wind
A hurricane force wind hit the Dutch coast, on 2nd April, and was reported to be the worst in living memory. The Mi Amigo rode out the storm with very few problems, but during the night Radio Veronica's ship Norderney lost her anchor and drifted. Late in the evening the Norderney grounded off Scheveningen beach, and suffered damage. The Mi Amigo was offered to the Veronica organisation as a temporary home for the station. A new generator was taken on board, and two new studios were built for the Veronica broadcasts. The 11th April, saw the Mi Amigo broadcast Radio Veronica programmes on 1158 kHz.

The biggest Free Radio demonstration ever was held in the centre of The Hague on 18th April 1973. More than 150,000 supporters marched with 'Veronica blijft als U dat wilt' (Veronica stays if you wish) banners to the Parliament buildings. One of the many marchers was Ronan O'Rahilly.
Radio Veronica's ship was eventually refloated, and the last Veronica programme was broadcast from the Mi Amigo on 20th April. With the money that came from hiring the ship to the Veronica organisation, a new mast was erected.

Caroline 1 and 2
During the middle of May, test broadcasts on 773 kHz using the 10 kilowatt transmitter, and on 1187 kHz with the 50 kW transmitter were heard. At the end of May, both transmitters returned to the air. 773 kHz was identified as Radio Caroline 1, and 1187 kHz as Radio Caroline 2.

From 4th June, English broadcasts from 06:00 - 02:00 appeared as Radio Caroline International on 773 kHz. A Dutch service was aired on 1187 Khz using the 50 kW transmitter running at 15 kW, broadcasting from 06:00 - 19:00. English programmes then took over, broadcasting from 19:00 - 02:00.

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Mi Amigo-73


Veronica on the beach - 4/1973



Demonstration in The Hague

Ronan O'Rahilly - The Hague

Ronan O'Rahilly


Norderney Aground

The Norderney aground

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