Pirate Museum
On 2nd September 1972, the Mi Amigo left her berth, allegedly heading for England where it claimed there was a greater interest in a pirate radio museum. In the early hours of the next morning however, the Mi Amigo dropped anchor off Scheveningen, on the Dutch coast. Three days later, on the 5th, an unidentified broadcast was heard coming from the Mi Amigo. This simply comprised a continous loop tape loop playing "For all we know - Ray Conniff Singers".

Radio 199
At the end of September, non-stop music tests were heard during the early hours on 253 metres /1187 kHz, with a power of 10 kilowatts.

These pre recorded music programmes continued until 9th November, when a test broadcast announced by Spangles Muldoon (Chris Cary) was heard. No station ID or name checks were however given out.

On the 13th November, a force eleven storm hit the Dutch coast, during the night. Reportedly a third of the countries trees were blown down. Also blown down was the Mi Amigo's mast, and this was further compounded by the radio ship losing her anchor. By the end of November, a makeshift aerial had been erected and tests restarted. A request for reception reports was made at frequent intervals, with the address given as PO Box 2448, The Hague, Holland. This saw around one thousand replies.

By 1st December 1972, the deejays on the Mi Amigo could not stand it any longer, and live test broadcasts were made with no name checks or station ID's being given out. In the middle of the month, the frequency was changed to 199 metres / 1520 kHz. On the 18th, the station identified itself as Radio 199, and began programmes in Dutch and English. After dark it was impossible to hear the station in England, as a result of interference from other stations on the same frequency.
On opening at six in the morning on 22nd December, the station finally announced itself as Radio Caroline. A new era of free radio broadcasting had begun.

Fuel line cut
The 28th December 1972, saw a message broadcast to say that flares were going to be used, so repair work could be carried out, and that all was OK. The lights at the stern had failed. The fault was traced to the fuel lines of the lighting generator, which had apparently been cut by the ships crew, as a reprisal for not being paid.
Two days later, the station announced that it would close and return shortly. Captain van der Kamp had returned to the Mi Amigo on the tender Eurotrip. He cut the anchor free and towed the ship to Ijmuiden. Permission to enter port, was however refused and the Mi Amigo anchored offshore.
Police boarded the ship demanding to see the ships papers. It was found she had none, and it appeared the Mi Amigo was not registered. The owners of the Eurotrip assured all concerned, that they would pay the harbour fees, and so the Mi Amigo was allowed to enter the port of Amsterdam.

Back at Sea

Back at sea

Spangles Maldoon

Spangles Maldoon

Mi Amigo 1972

Mickey Mouse mast

Temporary mast for Radio 199



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Mi Amigo without mast

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