Caroline International
The station changed the programme line up, and the religious tapes and the Countdown programme were no longer aired. At midnight on 31st August was outlawed by the British act and Caroline North, like her sister station Caroline South changed her name to Caroline International.

Don Allen

Don Allen on the air

The final tender, before the act came into force, arrived alongside the MV Caroline around 17:30 on the 31st. After this all the tendering for Caroline North was done from Dundalk in Ireland. This took about eighteen hours in good weather, but in bad weather, it could take up to four days to make the journey to the MV Caroline.

Anti Climax
There was something of an anti-climax after the Marine Offences Act was passed. The British Navy did not appear on the horizon, to blast the outlawed radio ships out of the water. In fact things appeared to carry on much as before the act, except that the two Caroline ships were the only British offshore stations left broadcasting. Meanwhile off the Dutch coast, the offshore broadcaster Radio Veronica continued, quite legitimately, to operate. The Netherlands had not at that time passed any laws banning offshore radio.

Radio One
Many of the former offshore radio deejays had joined the British Broadcasting Corporation, whose new station Radio 1, was set up as a "replacement" for the offshore stations. In fact, former Caroline deejay Tony Blackburn launched BBC Radio 1.

Radio Caroline appeared to have plenty of advertising, although it is not clear how many of these were actually paid for. There were also a number of lengthy commercials for Major Minor records, with artists such as the Dubliners, David McWilliams and Raymond Lefevre Orchestra. Major Minor were owned by Caroline director Philip Solomon.

Caroline North DJs

Radio Caroline North DJs - 31st August 1967

Mark Sloane & Don Allen

Mark Sloane and Don Allen help 'Harold Wilson' walk the plank at a Radio Caroline XI football match at Onchan

Final Tender

Final tender from the Isle of Man

Caroline North

Caroline North DJs

Dave Lee Travis and Tony Prince coming ashore - 31-8-1967

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Dale & Walker 1967 Mi Amigo 1967

Robbie Dale & Johnnie Walker - 8/1967

The Mi Amigo 15-9-1967
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