Mi Amigo returns
The MV Mi Amigo, which had been fully overhauled, and had a new 50kw transmitter fitted, left Holland on 5th April.


New 50 kW Continental Electronic Tx on board

She returned to her former anchorage, and started tests on 17th April 1966, on 1169Khz. Tests continued over the next few weeks, and on 26th April, a frequency change was made to 1187 Khz. While the tests continued there was two Caroline South ships broadcasting - the MV Mi Amigo and the Cheeta II. The Mi Amigo took over regular broadcasts from the Cheeta II on 27 April, although the latter continued to relay programmes until the 1st May. The Cheeta II remained anchored between the MV Mi Amigo and Radio London's ship the MV Galaxy, until mid July. During storm force winds, the Cheeta II started to drift towards Gunfleet Sands. The Felixstowe tug "Agama" was sent out and towed the Cheeta II to Harwich Harbour were she was anchored in the River between Shotley and Parkstone Quay.


Cheetah II entering Harwich

GPO hires DJ
During March, the Ramsey Isle of Man lifeboat took off an injured Dutch crew member J Burgering, who's had boiling coffee accidentally poured down his neck when a large wave violently hit the ship. Not long after this, a doctor was called out to the ship, via the Ramsey lifeboat to treat a crew member whose hand had been crushed. In a rather ironic move, the North West branch of the General Post Office's Sports and Social Club hired Caroline North DJ Rick Dane to attend their annual dance at Blackpool, in May. The Post Office, who at the time were also in charge of telecommunications were the main government body trying to legislate against the offshore 'pirate' stations.

Rescue awards
The Walton Lifesaving Apparatus Company, formed by Coast guards and volunteers, was presented with the Board of Trade Shield, on 23rd June, for their rescue of the Mi Amigo's crew, a rescue which had been the first in their sixty year history. On 23rd September, the ten crew members of the Walton lifeboat received inscribed vellums from the Rear Admiral Sir Edmund Irving for their part in the rescue. Early August, saw Radio Caroline broadcasting twenty-four hours a day.


Mi Amigo

The Mi Amigo on dry dock in Amsterdam

Mi Amigo

Ready for international waters again

Mi Amigo

Back in position

Ric Dane

Ric Dane

Rescue Award

Barry Ainley presenting the Bell award to District Officer K. W. Curtis


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