1st birthday
Whilst Caroline and the other offshore stations quickly became hugely popular with their listeners, this enthusiasm was not shared by the British government. Discussions were held among ministers on ways of ridding the airwaves of what they called 'pirates'. Radio Caroline were already planning to fight any new laws and take a case to the European Court of Human Rights. Legal opinion on this had already been taken in early 1965.

March 28th 1965, saw Radio Caroline's 1st birthday. A number of music artistes of the time recording special announcements. By now Caroline was bringing in around £15,000 a week.
Caroline also celebrated her birthday, with a live show at Fairfield Hall, Croydon in South London. The 'Sounds of Sixty Five' show included the Yardbirds, Moody Blues and Jimmy James and the Vagabonds. Also to mark the first birthday, a Caroline Bell award was presented for the best record and artist of the year. Petula Clark won an award for her song Downtown, Tom Jones had an award for It's not unusual, and the Animals received an award for House of the Rising Sun. The Beatles were presented with a Caroline Bell award by deejay Simon Dee, during the filming of Help.

Format change
The South station introduced a news service in April 1965. The music format was also revamped and changed to a top forty format. This was as a result of the arrival of Radio London at the end of 1964, and whose Top 40 format was taking away listeners from Caroline. The format change also saw a change in staff around this time. Another programme idea was introduced in May, when the newly arriving deejays were introduced as the Caroline "Good Guys". Mike Allen, Tony Blackburn, Gary Kemp and Bob Walton had much attention made to their Good Guy outfits. The Good Guy image was based on 2SM Sydney Australia and WMCA New York.
The Mi Amigo had a Royal visitor in June, when Prince Richard of Gloucester and two friends to research an article for the Cambridge University magazine Granta.


Singer Sylvan
The singer Sylvan, whose record "We don't belong" had been heavily plugged on Caroline, went out to visit the Mi Amigo on 18th September. When she was to leave the weather had deteriorated and she could not face the trip back. Sylvan helped the DJ's with their shows and even read out the night time close down announcements on the 19th. She eventually left the ship on the tender the next day. During November, there were rumours of armed soldiers preparing to attack the Mi Amigo. Nothing ever happened, and it is believed the whole story was a hoax connected with a possible film. Around this time Caroline was negotiating to take over fort based Radio City, and Caroline news was aired on both stations. By late 1965, Radio Caroline and Radio London were holding regular meetings with Radio Luxembourg to discuss advertising rates and station policies.
In December 1965, Allan Crawford resigned his directorship. His place was taken by Barry Ainley.


Simon Dee

Simon Dee presents Radio Caroline to Beatles - 1965

Petula Clark

Petula Clark with Simon Dee

The Animals

The Animals with Radio Caroline bell award



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Alan Crawford

Allan Crawford
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