Caroline House
Radio Caroline opened a new office in London's Mayfair district on 14th September 1964. Caroline House, at 6 Chesterfield Gardens, opened with a staff of forty. They had briefly operated out of an office in Regent Street, London, after moving out of Queen magazines offices. When they moved from the Queen offices, a new explanation of how and why the name "Caroline" came to be used by the station was offered to the public, in order to divert attention away from its original source. It was claimed that the station was named after Caroline Kennedy, and that while Ronan O'Rahilly was on a flight to the USA, he'd read a magazine article picturing a young Caroline playing in the Oval office, headlined "Caroline disrupts government", and immediately decided on that name for the station.


A tour of Caroline House

American connection
From 23rd October, deejay Simon Dee spoke live from production studio "A" in Caroline House to Terry Knight of WKLW in Detroit. Every other week they would chat about the music scene in the UK and the USA. The MV Mi Amigo changed anchorage on 2nd November, moving south into the Thames Estuary. While the signal into London improved the anchorage was so rough, that records did not stay on the record decks. After a few days, the original anchorage off Frinton was returned to. December 1964, saw Radio Caroline open an American office at 1697 Broadway, New York, USA, which was headed by George Bernard.


Charity appeal
Radio Caroline became an exhibitor at the Racing Car Show, displaying one of the Caroline team's Formula III Brabhams on their stand. The Ramsey lifeboat took off a sick crew member from the MV Caroline, on 27th January 1965. At the end of the year, on 22nd December, the Ramsey lifeboat was again called and took out a doctor to the radioship. From 16th May 1965, a twenty-eight day appeal for funds to furnish and equip a Dormitory for Orphaned Children in Algeria started. This was sponsored by War on Want and comprised Marianne Faithfull making forty-two announcements, twenty-one which would be broadcast by each ship. They hoped to raise £300 for the dormitory which will be named "The Caroline Dormitory". The MV Caroline quickly became a great attraction and became part of the Manx way of life. The Isle of Man tourist board even received free advertising time.


Caroline House

Caroline House

Caroline House girls

Caroline House girls on stairs


Delia Zimmerman Radio Caroline artist's promotions dept.


Outside Caroline House

Keith Moon - The Who - outside Caroline House
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