Police Messages
Whilst the original Radio Caroline ship, which was larger, had sailed to a position off the Isle of Man, the smaller Mi Amigo remained in her previous position, as Radio Caroline South. Most of Radio Atlanta's programmes had been pre-recorded, so to commence live broadcasts and to retain some known voices, Simon Dee and Doug Kerr were taken to the Mi Amigo. Radio Caroline used the old Radio Atlanta frequency of 1493 kHz but was announced as 199 Metres (1507 kHz). Broadcasting hours remained the same as they had for Atlanta -06:00 to 20:00.

Sergeant Wickenden of the Southend Police force placed the first advertisement from a public body, on 16th July 1964, when he advertised the Police National Athletic Championships at Southend on Sea. On 24th August, Caroline broadcast it's first Police message, which until then had a BBC monopoly. It was addressed to Mr Douglas Stedman of East Bergholt Suffolk. A Post Office radio station had refused to send the message to the ship, so it was then taken out to the ship by a fisherman.

Emergency Calls
In an emergency on 27th July, deejay Bryan Vaughan was taken off the Mi Amigo by Walton lifeboat, and taken to Walton Pier, from where he was taken by ambulance to Clacton General Hospital to be treated for a gastric ailment.

A few months later it was the turn of Keith Skues. During rough sea on 21st October, Keith was hit on the head by a swinging door. The cut was attended to by the Captain, the blow caused the loss of sight in one eye. An emergency call to Walton coast guard was made requesting a message be passed on to Harwich asking for the tender to be sent out to the ship. Keith Skues was taken ashore and treated at Myland Hospital, Colchester. He recovered his sight and was discharged on the 27th.


Audience figures
An audience survey was carried out by Attwood Statistics during August & September 1964. The survey showed that Caroline South had a potential audience of 15,000,000 while Caroline North had 17,000,000 with a further 7,000,000 in the fringe area between the two ships. By September advertising was no longer being discouraged by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers. A major advertiser was the Egg Marketing Board around this time.

Boarding the Mi Amigo 1964

Boarding the Mi Amigo in 1964

Doug Kerr & Simon Dee

Doug Kerr & Simon Dee

Bryan Vaughan

Bryan Vaughan

Keith Skues

Keith Skues

Mi Amigo with tender alongside


Radio Caroline Survey

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Reception reports

Fredericia Mess

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