The Mi Amigo
Nearly a month after the Caroline ship left Greenore, Radio Atlanta's Mi Amigo left, heading towards the Thames Estuary. The next day, 21st April 1964, A force eight gale blew up off Lands End, and a loud crack was heard, the 141 foot mast started to sway. The ship entered territorial waters and dropped anchor off Falmouth. The storm forced the Mi Amigo to enter Falmouth, and riggers from Portsmouth carried out repairs to the mast. The ship set sail again, on the 23rd, heading for Frinton on Sea, Essex. It arrived there on 27th April. The only broadcast crew on board, at that time were Johnnie Jackson and Bob Scott (a father and son team) who had joined the ship in Galveston. Johnnie Jackson was a radio engineer previously employed by KLIF in Dallas, while Bob Scott was an experienced deejay. The barge Peterna transferred crew out to the ship on 9th May. After Radio Caroline had closed for the evening, test broadcasts commenced on 1520 kHz from the Mi Amigo.

Atlanta on air
Bob Scott was the first deejay to be heard on the station, when regular programmes commenced on 1493 kHz, at 18.00 on 12th May. All the shows had been pre-recorded, and either Johnnie Jackson or Bob Scott would change the tapes as needed. Normal hours of broadcasting being 06:00 - 18:00, later extended to 20:00. The output from the transmitter was 10,000 Watts.


Atlanta closes
The first commercial was broadcast, on 25 May, for the British Paint 'Luxol'. The next day it was announced that agreements had been reached with the Performing Rights Society over payments for music played on the station. 29th May. Radio Atlanta advertised for the following staff, Sales Executives, a traffic controller, a sales coordinator (female), secretaries and copy typists, at the end of May. However on 2nd July, the station announced a merger between Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline. The smaller Mi Amigo would stay at Frinton on Sea and become Radio Caroline South, while the larger MV Caroline would sail to Ramsey, Isle of Man and become Radio Caroline North. After the merger Alan Crawford and Project Atlanta continued to run the Caroline South ship.

Ken Evans & Tony Windsor

Ken Evans & Tony Withers (Windsor) in Radio Atlanta land studio

The Mi Amigo leaves Greenore

The Mi Amigo leaves Greenore

Mi Amigo 1965

Radio Atlanta on the air

Clive Burrell

Clive Burrell - Radio Atlanta May 1964

Radio Atlanta

Radio Atlanta crew (right Colin Nichol)

Bob Scott

Bob Scott with Captain Meyer & wife

Mi Amigo
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