Allan  Crawford
Australian Allan Crawford had been planning an offshore radio station from around 1962. He became interested in purchasing a ship - the Magda Maria - that had been used by Radio Nord, a Scandinavian offshore radio station. Radio Nord had been forced to close because of Swedish government legislation outlawing offshore radio. The Magda Maria was taken to Spain, and by mid-September 1962 was anchored in the Thames Estuary. The ship had by then been renamed Mi Amigo. An offer from Crawford, and his partner Major Oliver Smedley, fell through and at the end of December the Mi Amigo sailed to Galveston in Texas.

Gordon McLendon, had been involved in setting up Radio Nord, and was the owner of a number of US radio stations, including KLIF in Dallas, Texas. He had his radio engineers remove equipment from the Mi Amigo, and put into storage. It was later refurbished and re-installed.

Project Atlanta
After many months of negotiations, Allan Crawford managed to get new backing for his Project Atlanta, and acquired the Mi Amigo during Summer 1963. The MV Mi Amigo slipped out of Galveston harbour on 28th December, to escape a customs inspection, after they learnt that it was going to be used as a radio ship. The Radio Atlanta ship was owned by Rosebud Shipping of Panama. She was then chartered to Rajah Anstalt, a Liechtenstein company, and leased to Atlantic Services Anstalt, another Liechtenstein company.
A broadcasting team was put together, and included Tony Withers (later known as "T W" Tony Windsor), Colin Nicol and Richard Harris. A studio was built at Royalty House in Dean Street, Soho, London, where the deejays would pre-record their shows. Allan Crawford was involved in making cover versions of hit records of the day, and these were to be featured on Radio Atlanta's programmes.

The Mi Amigo off Greenore

Allan Crawford presents Radio Atlanta

Allan Crawford presents Radio Atlanta

The Magda Maria

The Magda Maria in Belgium - 1963

The Mi Amigo off Greenore

The Mi Amigo off Greenore - 1964



Radio Atlanta rate card

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Some of the Allan Crawford productions



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