HM Customs visit
The first advertisement was broadcast on 1st May 1964, for Woburn Abbey. Not long after Radio Caroline began broadcasting, the Phonographic Performances Limited announced it's intention of securing a High Court injunction against the station, It alleged infringement of the All Copyrights reserved laws and added 'Indiscriminate broadcasting of records is detrimental to the interests of the industry, musicians and artists'. By contrast the Performing Rights Society (the association of composers, authors and publishers) had invited Radio Caroline to become a member. At 12:20 on 6th May, a Customs Office launch, the Venturous, drew alongside the MV Caroline. Customs Officers asked to board and inspect the bonded store. Permission was refused, but permission was given for one Officer to come aboard, but this was not accepted and the launch left at 12:33. On 11th May, the Postmaster General announced that "I have received complaints from the Belgian Government that Radio Caroline is causing interference to the service from Brussels. For the first few days interference was caused to both Belgian and English maritime services, since then interference has been negligible, but could recur at anytime".

7 million listeners
In early May, Radio Caroline claimed an audience of 4,000,000 listeners. A few weeks later a Gallop poll showed that out of a possible audience of 20,000,000, some seven million had tuned in at one time or another to Radio Caroline. Radio Atlanta began regular broadcasts on 1495 Khz / 200.6 Metres on the 12th May. The same day Radio Caroline was featured in the Granada TV programme "World In Action". A committee of thirteen experts from the seventeen member countries of the Council of Europe adopted a draft European agreement for the suppression of offshore broadcasting, on 13 May.

Caroline Club
The Caroline Club was launched at the start of July. Membership cost five shillings. The club was started to answer the fans questions about the station and deejays, and was run by Rikki Stein - later taken over by Dereck Kavanagh. Member number one was Martin Groenhorst of Boerhaavelaan, Schiedam, Holland. Martin later worked on Radio City under the name Martin Green.

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