Outstanding!!! The web site is very good.  I did get a chance to read all of the chapters.  Most of it is very accurate. There are some things that I can clear up with you sometime.  One thing is that there were not 40 people that boarded the Communicator on the night of the raid. It was much less.  I should know!  I was on the team that boarded the portside of the Communicator that night.  I'll tell you about that week sometime.  That was an adventurous week!!! Brings back alot of memories.
Thanks again!
Paul Jackson

Offshore Echo's,
I've just found your Laser 558 website and although I haven't yet had time to look at the whole site, from what I've seen so far I can't be anything but very impressed.
I've listened to a few audio files so far and they were very good quality and the whole site is very well presented.
There are so few sites about Laser that I'm sure your one will be a huge success.
I'm a massive Laser fan and was very pleased when I came across your site.
I'll definitely be checking back for any updates.
You'll be receiving my order for the Laser birthday CD and others very soon!
Congratulations on an excellent website and keep up the good work.
Danny Johnson.

Bravo...oui,je n'ai qu'un seul mot,bravo pour le travail accompli autour de ce site dévoué à l'une des meilleures radios de tous les temps. Laser 558 a été un exemple en matière de renouveau radiophonique au cours des 80's. Il fallait donc lui rendre hommage. Ce site est une pure merveille! Merci aux bénévoles d'Offshore Echos!
Xavier Defrance.
Mona FM.

Great stuff Chris. I will add a link from the Hall of Fame when I carry out the next update - probably next weekend.
Best wishes,
Jon Myer

Beautiful done. And now hoping people will watch. Will mention it in the March issue of Freewave. January and February will come in this week!
Hans Knot